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Me, as sketched by Jason Halpin
Ronan Cremin

Hi, I'm Ronan Cremin, husband of Vanya Moo and father of Conor and Maya. I live in Dublin, Ireland. I've had a website on this domain since 1998 You can see some of the older versions of this site on the wonderful Wayback Machine. and even had a blog here from 1997 (before Google existed) until 2002. It was called The Captain's Log and thankfully I took it down before Google got to it.

Projects and Experiments

I am involved in a few things on the web. First, some personal projects.

Some more experimental and technical web projects include my HTTP header capture page, useful for checking and capturing device headers and my super-light version of the Irish Times home page, about eighty times smaller than the original, updated throughout the day.


I help to run mobiForge, a tools and advocacy site for web developers with a focus on mobile. You can find me on GitHub also, but I haven't much there.

header capture page





You can reach me at ronan@cremin.com or at @xbs on Twitter.